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Class 100 - 56301

Gloucester Carriage & Wagon Company
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Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory
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British Railways Class 100 DMU

The British Railway Class 100 Diesel Multiple Units were built by the Gloucester Carriage & Wagon Company between 1957 - 1958, with a total of 40 sets (80 cars) being produced. 

The class was designed to be lightweight to allow for good and constant acceleration. Unfortunately none were selected for refurbishment and the withdrawal of the class began in 1969, with the last car being taken out of service in 1988.


Only a total of 3 survived into preservation with the rest being scrapped. 


56301 was built in 1957 and had a very short life with it being the first diesel multiple unit car to enter preservation in 1969, originally at the Chasewater Railway. After leaving the Chasewater Railway the car was briefly stored a the Uranium Fuel Centre in Salwick but was then transferred to the King's Lynn Sugar Factory where is stayed between 1996 and 1997. It arrived at County School station in August 1999 to be used as a extension to the Tea Room. The vehicle is currently on display at County School awaiting its time in the queue for restoration and use.

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