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Dereham Station
14th July 2024


Remember when cars seemed to be part of the family, and even had nicknames? Classic cars to vintage motor enthusiasts are like vinyl to music lovers. They’re the icons we dream of owning, and the collector’s items cherished and preserved by their owners. 

You are invited to join the line-up of the county's finest classic cars, vintage busses, vans and iconic vehicles, or to attend as a visitor and stroll through a slice of motoring history from the last 100 years. The show is one of mid-Norfolk's popular events, attracting 100's of enthusiasts to the town.


The 2024 event date is on 14th July. The event is admission-free to look around at the cars on display at Dereham station carpark. There will be train services running on the day also.

A must-see family spectacular... the day is a must for all classic car enthusiasts, providing an opportunity to get almost close enough to touch these impressive motors. 


To register a car, bike or club for the event, attendees are asked to use the PDF form and email/post it back in. You will receive an email confirmation when this has been confirmed.


You will be entitled to two complimentary return train tickets for exhibiting your car.

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