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The Mid-Norfolk Railway with its 15 miles of operational track offers numerous locations and possibilities for filming and production work.

Several of our locations can be successfully used for filming sets in most eras. Although the stations are typically painted in the colours used by British Railways in the 1950s and 1960s, the Railway also has a large number of more modern trains which can be used to set the scene in almost any era. We are unique in that we can offer a Countryside rural station, or Dereham could pass as a busy commuter station.

The railway is also available for still photographic shoots.

For further information or an informal chat, please contact us.

Previous Productions

The potential of the Wymondham – Dereham – County School railway line for filming has been recognised ever since the dying days of steam. The British Transport Films Unit used County School Station in 1959 for the production “The Diesel Train Driver” – an instructional film to introduce drivers to the modern diesel railcars being introduced into traffic following the withdrawal of steam.

After withdrawal of passenger services, County School Station was used in 1966 as one of the main locations for the Anglia Television produced soap opera “Weaver’s Green”.


County School Station was again used in 1992 disguised as Gare de Nouvion in the penultimate episode of the British comedy classic “‘Allo ‘Allo!”.


More recently, local film producers Capriol Films featured County School Station as Eynsford Station for a film, “Peter Warlock – Some Little Joy”, about the life of the early 20th century composer, Philip Heseltine – better known as Peter Warlock.

October 2009 saw a successful film shoot at Dereham Station by local company, Independent Studios UK (now Timereel Studios).


The film, “Haunted London”, featured scenes taken in the ticket office, station master’s office and on the platform in the guise of Tulse Hill Station, London (c. 1950s).

Documentary series over the years have used the railway over the years for a variety of productions, these include:

  • A production for the Discovery Channel

  • Minor filming for STV

  • BBC production of "Beeching's Tracks" with Nicholas Crane in 2008. See here for video.

  • Talkback Thames TV & BBC production of "Great British Railway Journeys" with Michael Portillo using a heritage diesel railcar between Dereham and Thuxton

  • BBC Look East production "Inside Out" with David Whitley

More recently the railway has been used for the BBC1 Drama, "The Bodyguard" and Netflix's Bollywood version of "The Girl on the Train".

The railway has also been used for a television advert for the Belgian beer Leffe that was broadcasted in Germany. See here for video.

Railway Training and Safety Filming

Whilst the railway has been used in recent times for documentaries and dramas, the railway also offers a suitable location for railway training and safety filming with numerous manned and automatic level crossings, some double track sites and an operational mainline connection allowing access for track plant and machinery.


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