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BR Class 33 - 33202
"Dennis G Robinson"

British Railways
Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company
Build Date
9th February 1962
Withdrawal Date
1st September 2007
In Service
Current Number Held
Owned By

British Railways Class 33 Diesel-Electric

The British Railway Class 33, also know as Type 3, is a class of diesel-electric locomotive that was built by Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company between 1960 - 1962, a total of 98 were produced. 

The class was built to be able to easily work passenger trains in the summer and then freight in the winter, this was due to the class not being fitted with steam heating boilers. They were most commonly seen in the Southern region with them being allocated to either Eastleigh or Hither Green. BR started to slowly withdraw the class from service with the majority either being sold to industry, scrapped or private railway companies. As of the present day 29 locomotives are left out of the original 98 produced, with 24 being preserved at various heritage railways and 5 being owned by mainline charter operator West Coast Railways. 


33202 was released from Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon on 9th February 1962, originally as DD6587, and allocated to Hither Green (73C). In July 1991 the locomotive was officially named " The Bruma Star". Over the course of its working life it was transferred to St Leonards and then back to Hither Green were it stayed until it was bought by Fragonset Railways in 2002. Whilst with Fragonset the locomotive undertook various mainline rail tours and freight workings, it was also named "Meteor" in November 2002. Upon the administration of Fragonset Railways in 2006, 33202 was eventually sold into preservation in February 2009. It moved to The Mid-Norfolk Railway in 2018 to assist with engineering works at Kimberley Park.

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