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BR Standard 4MT - 80078

Robert Riddles
Brighton Works
Build Date
2nd February 1954
Withdrawal Date
24th July 1965
In Service
Current Number Held
Owned By

British Railways Standard Class 4 (2-6-4 Tank)

From July 1951, British Railways started to build its own steam locomotives to their new 'standard' design which incorporate various modifications and ideas from the previous 'Big Four' railway companies and locomotives that were being produced in America at the time. The design was done by Robert Riddles at Brighton Works during the course of 1951, who w ere over the next 5 years responsible for building 130 of the 155 of the class, the other 25 being split between Derby and Doncaster Works. During the Modernisation Plan of British Railways, which called for all Steam traction to be replaced by Diesel, the class started withdrawal in July 1961 and the last 9 remaining engines being withdrawn on 9th July 1967. 


80078 was released from Brighton Work on 2nd February 1954 and allocated to Plaistow (33A) in East London. Over the course of its working life it was transferred between various depots such as Tilbury, Stratford, Shewsbury & Croes Newydd where is was withdrawn in 1965. 

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