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New management structure announced

The Mid-Norfolk Railway is pleased to announce that the management of the railway is to be restructured with the new arrangements to be put in place for the beginning of 2023.

The Trust Council of the Mid-Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust will remain as the overarching strategic management organisation of the Mid-Norfolk Railway. The Trust Council members will, therefore, continue to be elected from the membership of the Mid-Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust. As part of the restructuring the post of General Manager will be made redundant on the 31 December 2022.

Charlie Robinson, the Chairman of the Mid-Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust Council, said: “It has become clear this year that the railway has outgrown its old management structure and the General Manager’s role, as currently constituted, has become too broad a task for any one person to carry out.

“I would, therefore, on behalf of the whole railway, like to thank George Saville for all his efforts over the last few years, as the railway’s General Manager. He has made a significant contribution to the development of the railway and the point it has now reached.”

Mr Saville has, been offered a new part time position at the MNR from 1 January 2023. His experience and knowledge of railways in general and heritage railways in particular has proved to be a huge asset to the MNR and one the Trust Council is keen to keep at the railway, if at all possible.

A new full-time post of Operations Manager will be created, details of which and how to apply will be published shortly. It is intended that the new appointment will take effect on the 1 January 2023. Derek Orr, the current volunteer Operations Manager, will be stepping down on the same date and the MNR owes a great debt of gratitude to Derek for managing this position for a number of years despite having a full-time job elsewhere and a young family to look after.

The Trust Council is delighted Derek will continue as a Trustee of the Railway and with the railway management team and help with the smooth transition in the New Year.

Steph Garthwaite, the current Deputy General Manager, will continue in her volunteer capacity to ensure that the introduction of the new Operations Manager will be as straightforward as possible. She will act as the Line Manager for the various individual Departments and be the link between them and the Trust Council.

A new Leadership Team will be established to take over the day to day running of the railway, provide all working Members with a direct line of communication to management and ensure that communications generally within the railway are improved.

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