Third Pacer Unit joins MNR

A third Pacer diesel multiple unit has started to arrive at the Mid-Norfolk Railway’s

Dereham station to join the railways growing fleet of Heritage DMUs.

The Pacer is unit number 144018, a three-car class 144 and has been acquired from Porterbrook following withdrawal from mainline service. The first car was delivered by S A Smith, a specialist transport company, to Dereham station on the 9 December with the other two cars following soon after.

144018 will now join the 2 two-car Class 142 units, 142061 and 142038 on the Mid-Norfolk Railway and give the railway a flexible solution for off peak running days together with the railway’s first generation DMUs.

“The acquisition of Pacers by the railway is important, as they join our first generation of Diesel Multiple Units and mean that we are assembling a significant collection of this oft forgotten aspect of our railway heritage.” “Pacers have had in some quarters a controversial past, often being described as noisy and uncomfortable, but that you must remember was when they travelled at 70 mph on the national network. Here they will be travelling at much slower speeds and will be an excellent way to travel on our line and enjoy our beautifully Norfolk countryside views.” Charlie Robinson, MNR Chairman

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