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Thuxton track renewal works

Work will begin shortly on the next track renewal project at Thuxton station on the Mid-Norfolk Railway. The preparatory works has been ongoing for a while and the main work is due to begin soon and last for approximately four days.

The work, the latest in a programme of upgrades to the permanent way and associated infrastructure between Wymondham South Junction and Dereham, will see the replacement of the 'down' running line north of the level crossing at Thuxton station with concrete sleepers and flat bottom rail to the passing loop point.

The major track works will be conducted by contractor Sonic Rail Services, with the railway's own working members (staff & volunteers) assisting.

"This is an extremely important upgrade as this passing loop is vital to the operation of multiple trains on our railway. The work also brings to a conclusion the refurbishment and upgrade of this section of the line." George Saville, General Manager Mid-Norfolk Railway

The work will also see another step forward in the long-standing MNR project to re-signal the line. At Thuxton, this has meant the construction of a new signal box and the gradual return of signals and installation of point motors, all of which are controlled by Thuxton Signal Box.

This phase of the project will see the signalling and associated equipment installed and commissioned for the long siding to the south of the station and brought into use. The entire resignalling project is being carried out in phases by the railway's own Signalling & Telegraph (S&T) team.

"With the successful conclusion of this part of the project by the railway's S&T volunteers, another important step towards the long-term ambition to re-signal the whole line has been made. Our attention turns now to the resignalling of Dereham station and the yard. Much work has already been completed there and we anticipate to fully commission the Dereham Central Signal box soon." Richard Pike, Head of Signalling & Telegraph Mid-Norfolk Railway

As the Mid-Norfolk Railway expands, there are always plenty of opportunities for volunteers to become involved in the railway. To volunteer, you will need to become a member and full training will be given for the role. Details can be found on our website.

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