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The Trust Council of The Mid-Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust, the operators of the Mid-Norfolk Railway have received as have some media outlets and email by part of the railway’s Steam Dept. in which they have raised some issues that relate to the running of the railway's steam services. They have also raised an issue of a lack of communication in addressing these issues.

The Trust Council therefore wish to place on record that we are working to resolve these points and will strive to find the right balance between resolving these issues but also acknowledging the three key considerations of, Safety, Financial Security and Volunteer Enjoyment in all areas of the Railway.

The Trust Council assesses the key issue is a break down in communication and take responsibility for this failure. We must however say we clearly value our steam department and they, like all of the departments at the railway, are integral to the success of the railway and we acknowledge that like everyone else at the railway we all make a significant commitment to do this, our hobby.

We, the Trust Council, will now evaluate how communication works within the railway internally and how issues as they arise are addressed. This evaluation will happen now and we will issue new guidance very shortly. As part of this process we, the Trust Council, will want to hear the memberships views. Currently the Trust Council receive reports at the regular meetings of the Trust Council from the Department Heads. The Trust Council then seeks to address any concerns that are raised and communicate how the concerns will be addressed. This process in this case would appear to have broken down and that is what will be evaluated to understand why and steps will be made to rectify this.

The Railway as a whole, like all other heritage railways, has struggled with the effects of the Covid pandemic and some of the issues are only now becoming apparent and are being addressed. The Trust Council however, is confident that all of the issues the railway faces can be overcome and our working members, members, friends and general passengers will be able to enjoy a bigger and better railway for many years to come.

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