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Trust Council Statement - Asset Disposal

Following the decision to put up for sale some of the railway’s assets that were assessed as being surplus to requirement, the Trust Council of the Mid-Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust has recognised that some members of the railway have misgivings over this decision.

As such the Trust Council has therefore decided to withdraw from sale all assets while a consultation exercise is conducted with the membership.

The original decision was made following a strategic review of the Railway’s assets. This has included the rolling stock and the turntable currently in storage at Dereham Station. The identified assets were deemed to be surplus to current requirements based on a number of factors.

The coaches identified for sale, was based on the operational needs of the railway and their likely future use in service, the need to free up siding space and reduce shunting operations. The cost of refurbishment and finally the time it will take to get some of the coaches back into service were the factors considered.

It has however now become clear, that the Trust Council had not fully appreciated the sentiment that some members have towards some of the coaches in particular and as such a consultation exercise that will allow members to express their views will be held.

The consultation exercise will therefore give members the opportunity to suggest alternatives to disposal or indeed confirm the decision. The submissions will then inform the Trust Council’s future decision-making process on the various coaches future or otherwise on the railway.

Regarding the turntable, the disposal or otherwise will also be considered again in the context of the future development of the Goods Shed and Stable Block as part of an East Anglian Railway Heritage Centre that has long been a railway aspiration.

Views, opinions, suggestions and plans can be submitted either in writing addressed to the Trust Council at the station or by email to

The closing date for submissions is 15 August 2022 and then following a review and discussion the Trust Council will inform the membership of the result of the consultation exercise in due course.

The Mid-Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust Council 17 June 2022

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