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2020 Polar Express Cancellation

The Mid-Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust (MNRPT) is today announcing that sadly this year’s Polar Express™ Train Ride has been cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

The Trust which oversees the running of the railway has been forced to make this difficult decision as it has become clear that, as the Covid-19 situation continues, it would be impossible to put on the full show that makes the Polar Express such a unique experience and maintain the social distancing that is still likely to be required.

As such the railway does not, therefore, want to put on a version of the show that would likely be a disappointment for our passengers when compared to previous editions. The very nature of the show requires the cast to interact with the audience who are, of course, the passengers.

“We have come to this difficult decision because we have to take a long-term view that safeguards both the railway’s reputation and that of The Polar Express™ Train Ride. We appreciate that this will be a major disappointment to our passengers, but we hope that there is understanding as to why this decision has been made.” Charlie Robinson, MNR Chairman

The MNR does, however, have some good news to announce as the railway has signed a contract with Rail Events Inc., the rights holder on behalf of Warner Bros., which will see The Polar Express™ Train Ride return to the Mid-Norfolk Railway each year till 2024. The Trust is, therefore, delighted to say the show will be back on the road, or in our case rails, for 2021.

“All of our Polar Express ticket holders have received an email from the railway setting out their options. These are a refund of the ticket price, as previously promised when they booked, or to transfer their ticket to the 2021 Polar Express.” George Saville, MNR General Manager

In the meantime, the Railway is currently investigating an alternative steam-hauled Christmas train service which will comply fully with all social distancing regulations but allow families to enjoy a festive train ride this Christmas.

More information and updates will soon be available on our website.

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