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Class 101 - 101 836

Metro-Cammell, Birmingham
Build Date
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Withdrawal Date
Current Number Held
Undergoing Repairs
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Class 50 Locomotive Association

British Railways Class 101 DMU

The British Railway Class 101 Diesel Multiple Units were built by Metro-Cammell at Washwood Heath between 1956 - 1959, with a total of 527 cars being produced. 

The class became one of the most long-lived and successful First Generation DMUs. By the beginning of late 2000 the age and reliability of the units started to show and therefore the class started to be withdrawn from service, with the last mainline service being on 24th December 2003. 


A total of 41 cars survived into preservation and are now a common sight across many heritage railways. 

101 836 (51434, 59117 & 51503)

Diesel Multiple Unit 101 836 is formed of vehicles 51503, a Driving Motor Composite Lavatory, & 51434, a Driving Motor Brake Second. 

Vehicle 59117 is originally from set L840 and is currently under storage. 

The unit was the last class 101 to be based in Norwich as a route learner. The unit was previously preserved a the Swindon and Cricklade Railway, owned by Matthew Smith. However, at this bequest the unit was moved to Dereham in June 2002 and placed under the care of the Class 50 Locomotive Association, the set is named after Matthew. 

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